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Set of Rice
and Miso Soup


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Delivery and takeaway available to Hakata and Tenjin area
Original Hakata Chicken Teppan Chickenman

5-min walk from Tenjin Minami & Hakata St. View in Google Maps

WEB Exclusive Coupon

FreeSet of Rice and Miso Soup

We, Hakata Toriteppan (chicken teppan) Chickenman offer a chicken version of Hakata's famous yakiniku teppan. We arrange it with stir-fried chicken and cabbage and serve it with homemade spicy miso, original ponzu, and yuzukosho.

Commitment to the ingredients


We procure domestic chicken meat from poultry farms and cabbage from carefully selected regions depending on the season.

Homemade spicy miso paste and original ponzu

  • Homemade spicy miso

    This homemade spicy miso is a unique blend of miso, chili peppers, and several seasonings, and is an essential part of the chicken teppan.

  • Original Ponzu

    Ponzu is a blend of vinegar and Hakata soy sauce for flavor and taste.

  • Yuzu Kosho
    (condiment made from yuzu zest and chili peppers)

    We carefully selected yuzukosho, which originated in Oita Prefecture that goes well with chicken teppan.

Chicken TeppanHow to eat

Spicy Miso Paste

  • step1

    Place a wooden stick under the iron griddle and tilt it.

  • step2

    Dissolve the spicy miso in the oil.

  • step3

    Eat while mixing the ingredients with spicy miso.

Ponzu and Yuzukosho

  • step1

    Pour ponzu over the chicken teppan as needed.

  • step2

    Put Yuzukosho on top of the chicken teppan.

  • step3

    Eat while mixing the ingredients with ponzu and yuzukosho.

You are free to choose how you want to eat! Let's find your original favorite way to eat!


Take Out

(Miso soup is not included for takeaway.)

You can also order takeaway by phone.




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Store Details

Store Info
Name Original Hakata Chicken Teppan Chickenman
Phone Number 080-3971-9135
Address 201 HARUYOSHI Square, 24-23 Haruyoshi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, 810-0003
Business Hours 11:00-23:00 (last orders 22:30)
No fixed holidays
Total Number of Seats 3 counter seats, 16 table seats